SweepEasy ™ Takes over Vegas SweepEasy ™ had a booth in the inventors spotlight section at the National Hardware Show in Las Vegas, it was a great experience. We met a lot of great people from all around the world. Entrepreneurs and product ambassadors approached us and we made some great new friends.. We look forward to […]

Time For a Change For years consumers have been asking for a change. They spoke loud and clear and told us how tired they were of getting down on their hands and knees to remove things like glue, gum, stickers, tape, food, and mystery gunk stuck to their floors. They’re also told us how tired […]

SweepEasy Shark Tank and Early Product Success As seen on The Shark Tank, the SweepEasy was an instant hit with the Sharks and with customers. The Sharks saw a great product and fought for the rights to build and distribute the product. Thousands of units were sold worldwide, with customers raving about the continence and […]

The New SweepEasy: A Better Way to Clean Shane Pannell was a stay at home dad. Like any parent he was always busy cooking, watching the kids, and keeping the house clean, regular parent kind of stuff. On a day like any other, he finished feeding the kids and began to clean up. He started […]

The New SweepEasy The new and improved SweepEasy is here and ready to help you clean your floors like never before! Gone are the days of getting down on your hands and knees to remove things like glue, gum, stickers, tape, food, or mystery gunk stuck to your hard flooring surfaces. Two Great Products in […]

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