Old Sweep Easy Broom Reviews

Out With the Old, In With the Broom

We have previously written about the differences between the old Sweep Easy Broom and the new version. Take a look at our recent blog post on the differences. Today we will talk about some of the older reviews and how the new Sweep Easy is a cut above the old version and our competition.

Bright Reviews

The old version of the Sweep Easy was reviewed on Bright Reviews. The article writer doesn’t really have any issues with the product itself. Instead he focuses on the shipping cost. Although we would love to offer free shipping, for a product this size and at a price tag of only around $20, free shipping is simply not possible. However, we are working with very large and well known stores to offer the Sweep Easy at retail stores across the United States. Soon you will be able to purchase it while out shopping and you will not have to pay any shipping charges.

Customer Review

Doreen from New Jersey has also responded to the Bright Review article with a few criticisms of the old broom. Namely that the bristles weren’t made from high quality materials. Although this may have been true of the old version, the new version is made out of high quality composite plastic materials, which we have talked about in a previous blog post. When designing and building the new Sweep Easy, we have had both quality and function in mind. Doreen also mentions that the scraper wasn’t always that effective in removing everything off the floor. We also designed the new version with a much better scraper made from higher quality materials and have even added the option of swapping it out with scrapers made from different materials. There’s a heavy duty scraper for hard stuck gunk, and a lighter version for everyday use. Pre-order your Sweep Easy Broom today!

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