The Old SweepEasy ™ VS the New One

SweepEasy the way it was supposed to be

After several years of failed business relationships and legal battles, Shane has finally re-released his trademarked SweepEasy brand retractable scraping broom. The first time around an inferior product was released to the public getting mixed reviews and some negative commentary. The problem? The scraper kept popping off, some said the broom itself was to heavy, and the scraper would get caught up in the bristles of the broom. Recovering from a lengthy successful legal battle Shane has recreated his broom and addressed all the problems with the original cheap version.

Shane has gone on record recently with this statement.

New  improvements  include our patent pending button release system and easy glide deployment/retraction technology, making SweepEasy quicker and easier to use. Additionally, with our Home, Pro, and Lobby versions featuring interchangeable plastic and metal scrapers, you can choose a model that meets your cleaning needs. So don’t wait, order your broom today. And Rememer, don’t just sweep…SweepEasy!

Going through the whole process has taken some time but Shane and his business partner and CEO Joshua are having a great time taking the time needed to bring a quality product to the public this time around. Damage has been done to hos brand but he is working on re-branding and correcting misrepresentations through reputation management procedures.

Shane Pannell and Joshua Looney SweepEasy


Looking towards the future

With his product in tow Shane looks forward to introducing the SweepEasy broom into all the major department stores in the USA and worldwide. With customers like Walmart, Zellers, and all the others, he’ll be busy bringing in stock for many years to come.

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If your interested in purchasing a SweepEasy you can do so by clicking here. Buy a SweepEasy now.

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