Scrape, Sweep, & GO! with the new Sweep Easy Broom

Introducing the New Super Broom from Sweep Easy

Are you tired of needing two cleaning products to do one job? The new Sweep Easy Broom makes cleaning so much easier and saves you tons of time. The days of having to bend over and scrape dirt and grime off the floor are behind you. Just use the built in retractable scraper to scrape dirt and grime off the floor, then sweep and get on with the rest of your day! You won’t believe how easy it is to use the Sweep Easy Broom.

More than just your regular broom

A regular broom will do an okay good job of sweeping up dust, but it will not get off dirt and grime that’s stuck to the floor. With a regular broom, you will need to stop what you’re doing, search for a scraper (which we can never find when we need them), bend over and use a lot of elbow grease to scrape all the dirt and grime off the floor. There is a much easier way. No more elbow grease or search parties sent into the closet to find a scraper required. With the Sweep Easy Broom, you can just scrape, sweep & go!

Clean your floor and save your back

Why risk throwing out your back? Bending over to scrape dirt and grime from the floor is painful, dangerous and can lead to injury.  Save your back with the Sweep Easy Broom! The built in retractable scraper will make quick work of dirt and grime that’s stuck to the floor with ease. Save your time and energy so you can spend it focusing on the things you want to be doing by purchasing a Sweep Easy Broom. Make your life and cleaning so much easier. Just Scrape, Sweep & Go!

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