Shane Pannell’s Vision: An Entrepreneur Focused on Quality

One Dad’s Dilemma

One day Shane Pannell was eating with his kids, and began to clean up. He grabbed his broom and swept the floor, clearing the various bits of dry food that the kids had dropped. But there was a problem.The kids had dropped some stuff on the floor that the broom couldn’t pick up! There were bits of gum, stickers and gunk stuck to the floor.

Shane Pannell’s Light Bulb Moment

Shane put down his broom, and went into the kitchen to grab a butter knife. He began to scrape the gunk, gum and stickers off the floor and felt a little pain in his back. In that moment, a light bulb went off in his head. He thought, “Why am I bent over on my hands and knees, cleaning this stuff off the floor with a butter knife? There must be a better way to do this!”

SweepEasy Broom Version 1.0

This light bulb moment lead Shane Pannell to develop the first version of the SweepEasy Broom. He brought this design to the television market with a very popular episode on CNBC’s The Shark Tank which you can read about here. Following the Shark Tank episode, Shane decided to go another route and worked with another entrepreneur to bring the SweepEasy Broom version 1.0 to the market. However, Shane wasn’t satisfied with the quality and durability of the first version. Although the product did well, Shane knew he could do better.

The New SweepEasy Broom: No Compromises

After the first version of the broom did well, Shane Pannell knew he could develop an even better version. He partnered with Joshua Looney, another aspiring entrepreneur. Together they spent hundreds of hours researching and developing a new product that would be made from the highest quality of materials and would deliver a superior cleaning experience. The New SweepEasy Broom was born, with the patent pending retractable scraper. Pre-order today at

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