Sweep Easy Dominates the Shark Tank

Sweep Easy Dominates the Shark Tank

The stage was set. Shane Pannell began his presentation to the Shark Tank, demonstrating the power of the Sweep Easy design. The simplicity of use and ingenuity of the design was front and center. Right away, the Sharks could see that the broom solved a problem that Shane and millions of other individuals have been having for so long. Finally a new innovation in cleaning products!

A Shark Fight

The eyes of the Sharks lit up. They could instantly see the potential of the Sweep Easy and wanted a piece of the action. A feeding frenzy between 4 out of the 5 Sharks ensued. The Sharks fought, throwing offer on top of offer, raising the stakes and equity with each bite. Shane thought long and hard about each offer and in the end a hard fought battle was won. Two Sharks teamed up to work with Shane and a new alliance was formed. The disappointment in the losing Sharks’ eyes was obvious. They knew they had missed out on something great.

A Resounding Success on ABC’s the Shark Tank

As seen on ABC’s The Shark Tank, The Sweep Easy Broom is finally here! No longer will you have to use cleaning technology invented centuries ago. Put away those scrapers, butter knives and screwdrivers that you use to scrape stuff that’s stuck to your floor. Join a cleaning revolution that will save you time and money!

The Last Broom You Will Need

Throw away all your old brooms, you won’t be needing them anymore. The Sweep Easy is a product that you can trust. Made from high quality plastic composite materials specially engineered to last the test of time, you can rest assured that your Sweep Easy Broom will outlast its competitors. Pickup a Sweep Easy Broom now!

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