The Sweep Easy retractable scraper is safe on all floors

Sweep Easy is Safe On All Floors

Product Safety & Quality Is Key

When we designed the Sweep Easy, our goal was to produce a high quality product that offered great value to our customers. We made sure that any materials we used would keep our customer’s floor clean and would not scratch or scuff the floor in the cleaning process. We have heard the horror stories about our competitors and listened to your concerns.

Gentle on Hardwood & Laminate Floors

The Sweep Easy Broom is made from high quality materials that are safe on all surfaces, including even the most delicate of hardwood floors. The bristles are constructed from soft plastic composite materials which are gentle to the touch. Whether your floors are real hardwood or laminate, the gentle bushing of the Sweep Easy Broom will not scratch or damage your floor in any way.

Safe on Vinyl and Linoleum Too

Our has been tested on a wide range of hardwood and laminate flooring types, as well as a wide range of vinyl and linoleum floors. In all cases, the soft and gentle bristles will not leave any marks or scratches behind.

Ceramic and Marble Tiles

In addition to hardwood, laminate, vinyl and linoleum, our broom is also safe to use on your ceramic tile and marble floors.

You can rest assured that any type of floor in your house will be a great match for the cleaning powers of the Sweep Easy Broom. Other brooms have been known to scratch or scuff hardwood or vinyl flooring, but we have made sure to rigorously test the Sweep Easy on all materials. We have only settled for the highest of quality standards. Your floors are safe with the Sweep Easy.

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