Sweep Easy, the new standard in brooms

Sweeping your house will never be the same

Just when you thought you could never expect more from your broom, the SweepEasy broom is introduced to the market place. Featuring high quality construction and a built-in retractable scraper that helps you clean up everyday gunk, cleaning your house safely will now be a breeze. Choose from a variety of colors, get one for a friend, enjoy the ease of use of the broom all for $19.95. You’ve asked us and yes our broom will come in two sizes, the full sized broom, and the smaller mid sized.

Once you go SweepEasy You’ll Never go Back

Your broom is probably something you haven’t put much thought into, but most certainly at one point or another it let you down. Brooms break, their bristles fall out or break off and they just stop cleaning up the way they should. With the SweepEasy broom your guaranteed only the best quality, it really is the last broom you’ll ever have to own! Stop dropping to your knees and scrapping dirt off the floor. Simply retract, scrape, and sweep up. It’s safe on your floors so you don’t have to worry about scratches or scuffs, the scraper is strong enough to clean up but protects your floors as well.

Get our broom online now

The SweepEasy broom is now available for Pre-Order through this website. Simply browse over to our purchase page and pick one up for our low introductory price. Also be sure to sign up for our newsletter to stay informed of product news. Buy the Sweep Easy broom now


P.S – If your completely satisfied with your SweepEasy broom, take advantage of our satisfaction guaranteed policy. Don;t hesitate to contact us via our contact us page, and give up any feedback. We’re here to help you clean, the SweepEasy way.

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