The SweepEasy Is Back and Better than Ever

SweepEasy Shark Tank and Early Product Success

As seen on The Shark Tank, the SweepEasy was an instant hit with the Sharks and with customers. The Sharks saw a great product and fought for the rights to build and distribute the product. Thousands of units were sold worldwide, with customers raving about the continence and ease of use of the product. Not satisfied with the status-quot and wanting to continuously innovate, we went back to the drawing board and re-designed the SweepEasy.

New and Improved: Reimagining and Redesigning an Already Great Product

After years, and hundreds of hours spent on research and development the Sweepeasy has been re-engineered to provide convenience, improved functionality and lasting value. New high quality materials were sourced and integrated with the revolutionary patent pending retractable scraper technology to deliver an improved product that surpasses the old model and crushing the competition in the process. Other brooms may claim to compete but they’re all just pretenders to the throne.

Parents Love the New SweepEasy

Parents have always loved the SweepEasy. It was originally conceived and designed by a parent after all. With the new design, the retractable scraper is even easier to deploy and use to clean gum, dried up food and drink from their floors. No longer are they searching their closets for missing scrapers and breaking their backs bending over to scrape stuff off the floor. Now they’re just stopping, scraping, sweeping and getting on with their lives.

Customers Save Time

Customer feedback has been unanimous. They’re all savings tons of time using the retractable scraper and high quality broom technology of the SweepEasy. Instead of wasting time inefficiently cleaning with low quality brooms, they’re now finishing their cleaning work quickly, and getting on with their lives. More time with their loved ones. More time relaxing. More time doing the things they want to be doing. Don’t waste your time anymore. Pickup a SweepEasy today!

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