SweepEasy Broom Launch


~This Shark Tank Fan Favorite Finally Launches at the 2017 National Hardware Show~
April XX, 2017 (PHOENIX) – Trulux, LLC is pleased to announce the launch of an innovative broom revolutionizing the way we clean. The SweepEasy is the world’s first angle broom with a built-in retractable scraper. This means no more bending down using a blade, knife or fingernail to unstick dried messes from the floor. The SweepEasy allows you to scrape, sweep and go with ease. With the option of interchangeable metal or plastic scrapers, they are safe for all floor types including laminate, wood, tile, marble, and more.

SweepEasy the Beginning

Inventor and president, Shane Pannell, created the innovative broom during his days as a stay-at-home dad to three young children. “While sweeping I was always finding things like stickers, tape, glue, cereal and mystery gunk stuck to my hard flooring surfaces. Inevitably, I would have to stop sweeping and use either my fingernail, a car key, Lego, or butter knife to remove the problem. I knew there had to be a better way! Then one day I was down on my knees scraping up oatmeal and “Bam!” that’s when the idea to make a broom with a built-in scraper came to me.”

SweepEasy Shark Tank Appearance

After his prototype was made, Pannell took his idea to the hit ABC show Shark Tank where the “sharks” (and viewers) loved his invention. While he took the deal with Kevin Harrington and Daymond John, after some time passed; ultimately, both Kevin and Daymond decided not to invest in SweepEasy. Back at square one, and like so many inventors, Pannell needed to find business capital.
A mutual acquaintance introduced Pannell to fellow Phoenix resident and current CEO of SweepEasy, Joshua Looney. When Looney first saw Pannell’s invention he immediately said (like many others) “Why didn’t I think of that?” Looney continues, “The innovation is so simple but so amazing. I immediately recognized it as an opportunity to be a part of a revolutionary product to bring to the marketplace.”

With manufacturing in place, Pannell and Looney are thrilled to officially launch SweepEasy this May 9-11th at the National Hardware Show in Las Vegas. The pair will be showcasing SweepEasy, doing demos, and sharing the story of SweepEasy at booth IS310

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