The SweepEasy Broom: Post Shark Tank Update

SweepEasy: Shark Tank Success

A lot of people have asked us about what happened after the Shark Tank Episode. As many of you already know, the old version of the SweepEasy was featured on CNBC’s The Shark Tank season 2, epsiode 5. You can see the episode here. Back then, the show was still on ABC, but has since been purchased by CNBC. We wrote about how Shane Pannell dominated the Shark Tank here.

Post Shark Tank Launch

After the episode, Shane Pannell spent some time trying to finalize the deal, but ultimately, the old version of SweepEasy and the Sharks weren’t the right fit. Shane moved on and established business partnerships and brought the SweepEasy to the mass market. The reviews were mixed, with some people loving the product and others having some issues with the quality. Shane did some investigating and found that the quality control on the product materials wasn’t quite right. He decided that he would have to go back to the drawing board and create a new version of the product that was more in line with his expectations of quality.

A New Broom: Back to the Drawing Board

Shane partnered with another entrepreneur, Joshua Looney, and together they redesigned the SweepEasy with quality and durability in mind. The result was the new version of the SweepEasy. The initial reviews of this new version have been outstanding. Everyone agrees that the product is of the highest quality and will be the last broom you will ever need. But don’t listen to us, judge for yourself. You can pre-order the new broom today at

National Hardware Show: Las Vegas

What are they up to now? Well, Shane and Joshua are hard at work getting the word out on the new version of the SweepEasy. Recently they presented at the the National Hardware Show in Las Vegas. Read more about their experience here. They are also working with national retail outlets and hope to have the product available in stores across the country very soon!

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