SweepEasy, a broom where quality matters

SweepEasy broom revolution

For hundreds of years, the best the cleaning industry has been able to do is a standard broom with cheap bristles and a handle. So many broom companies were satisfied with the status quo. All of that has changed with the introduction of the new SweepEasy Broom, a new standard for all brooms to aspire to.The Sweep Easy Broom has a taken cleaning technology to a whole new level. Now you can quickly sweep and scrape stuff that’s stuck to your floor with just one product.Gum? Stickers? Dried up mud? No problem. The SweepEasy Broom can make quick work of it all. Just deploy the retractable scraper to easily scrape it off the floor and get on with your day.

Quality Materials with our brooms

Most brooms are made of cheap bristles that fall off, flimsy plastic that easily break and handles that are always detaching from the head of the broom. The Sweep Easy Broom stands for quality. Made from high quality plastic composites materials that are engineered to stand the test of time. The SweepEasy Broom has been designed to create a new standard in broom and cleaning technology, leaving the competition far behind and making cleaning simple and fun.


Convenience and Quality Built In One Product

Far too often products will sacrifice convenience or quality. A product may work well, but it’s made from cheap materials, or a product may be made with quality materials but it’s not very convenient or easy to use. The Sweep Easy Broom combines both convenience and quality into one product that’s durable, fun and easy. Seeing is Believing.When people try the Sweep Easy Broom, they never want to go back to their old brooms again. The convenience and quality factor will instantly make you a fan and make cleaning much more simple and quick than you ever thought possible.

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