SweepEasy Broom

SweepEasy Super Broom

We designed this broom to address major problems we found with regular brooms, including flimsy bristles,  cheap designs that break and rust, and a pure lack of multi-functionality. The SweepEasy broom will be the last broom you’ll ever need, with a solid quality design and a built in retractable scraper you’ll find picking up those stubborn messes a breeze. We’re also planning to add other extensions that will replace the scraper to make our broom even more functional, stay tuned for information on that.

Easy to Use & Highly Effective

Gone are the days of getting down on your knees to scrape up grime, stickers, and other sticky messes, the SweepEasy scraper is safe on your floors but highly effective on attacking messes. We’ve designed our broom for ease of use, with a twist and a click the scraper snaps into place letting you scrape up those messes, and another twist and snap your ready to sweep up the mess.

Affordable & Sustainable

At only $19.95 the SweepEasy broom is very affordable, and because we built it to last chances are it will be the last broom you’ll ever need. Be sure to join us on our social feeds to stay updated on how as a customer you can win a free broom for your friends and family by participating in our surveys and promotions.

Visit the site now, pick up a broom, select from 3 colors, and sign up for our newsletter to participate.

SweepEasy ™ | The Ultra Broom with a Retractable Scraper | Scrape, Sweep, & GO!


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