SweepEasy: A Stay At Home Dad’s Pain Turned Into Product Success

The New SweepEasy: A Better Way to Clean

Shane Pannell was a stay at home dad. Like any parent he was always busy cooking, watching the kids, and keeping the house clean, regular parent kind of stuff. On a day like any other, he finished feeding the kids and began to clean up. He started by grabbing his old broom from his closet and began sweeping up, but there was a problem, the kids had dropped a bunch of stickers and gum on the floor. He searched his closet for a scraper but of course he couldn’t find one. Grabbing a butter knife from a drawer in the kitchen, he dropped to his hands and knees and started to scrape the gum and the stickers off the floor. After a few minutes of doing this he thought to himself, “There must be a better way!”

A Revolution In Cleaning

The incident with the gum and stickers on the floor made Shane start to think. After hundreds of years broom technology hadn’t really evolved or progressed. We were still using the same types of broom technology that our ancestors had used hundreds of years ago. A new broom with new technology was needed. That broom would become the SweepEasy.

Engineering a New Broom

Shane began working on prototypes. He wanted to combine a traditional broom with a built in retractable scraper that could be used to easily clean gum, stickers and dried up food off of the floor. After multiple prototypes and years spent at the drawing board, the new SweepEasy was developed.

The Retractable Scraper: Saving You Time

Using high quality materials and a patent pending retractable scraper, the new SweepEasy combines state of the art engineering and production materials to deliver a unique cleaning experience that you’ve never seen before. When you come across anything stuck to the floor, simply stop, sweep and go! It really is that easy. Pick-up one today!

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