The SweepEasy Difference: Miles Ahead

The SweepEasy Difference

How Does the Competition Stack Up?

It’s hard to compare the SweepEasy to other brooms because there isn’t really another broom on the market that can do the things that the SweepEasy can do. Other brooms may have similar handles, or bristles that are similar quality. But with our patent pending retractable scraper technology, the SweepEasy is miles ahead of the competition.


A Retractable Revolution

The biggest difference between the SweepEasy and our competition is our patent pending retractable scraper. There literally isn’t a product on the market with this type of additional functionality. We make cleaning your floors super easy and fun. Just Sweep, Scrap and Go! In no time you’ll make quick work off stuff stuck to the floor. Just extend the scraper and when you’re done, retract. Who knew cleaning could be this simple?

Safe on All Floors

Unlike some of our competitors, the SweepEasy is safe on all types of floors. We’ve tested it on the most delicate of hard wood floors, marble, vinyl, ceramic and not a scratch was left behind. The SwepeEasy is one of the safest products for your floors on the market. Try one for yourself today! You won’t be disappointed.

Very Easy to Use

We had previously posted an instructional video where Shane Pannell the owner and inventor of the SweepEasy demonstrates how to use the patent pending retractable scraper. The video can be found here. As you can see, the SweepEasy is extremely easy to use and actually a lot of fun.

Saves You Time

Another great thing about the SweepEasy is that it saves you time. By combining two cleaning jobs into one, you can spend more time doing the things you like to do and less time searching your closet for that missing scraper, or pilfering your kitchen for an old butterknife.



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