The SweepEasy: Not Your Grandparent’s Broom

A Time for Change

Brooms haven’t changed much over the years. A new type of bristle, maybe a new material for the handle, but fundamentally the one you’re using now is the same as the one your grandparents used. The same can’t be said for other cleaning products. We have self-cleaning ovens, dishwashers, fancy robot vacuums – so why not something new in the broom market? The SweepEasy is here to change all of that and to usher in a new cleaning revolution.

A Retractable Scraper Revolution

We like efficient products that save us time. Who doesn’t? Especially when it comes to cleaning. We’d like to spend as little time cleaning as possible. So we thought, how can we combine a broom with another product to save time and make cleaning easier. When we look back, it seems so obvious. We designed a broom with high quality materials and added a retractable scraper that can be used to scrape gum, stickers, and any other gunk that gets stuck to your floor. Sound good? It works even better than it sounds. As we like to say, all you need to do is Sweep, Scrape and Go!

A Tale of Two Brooms

We’ve all gone through tons of brooms in our lifetime. Unless you’re willing to spend $60+ on industrial strength products, they’re just not going to last. Take your average broom – after a few months the bristles start to fall off. Give it a year or less and the cheap plastic handle probably cracks or breaks altogether. You’ve all experienced this, right? Now compare it to the SweepEasy. Constructed with high quality materials that are made to last, you can rest assured that it will be the last broom you will ever need. Not convinced yet? Pre-order the new SweepEasy and see for yourself.

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