SweepEasy ™ visits the National Hardware Show in Vegas

SweepEasy  Takes over Vegas

SweepEasy  had a booth in the inventors spotlight section at the National Hardware Show in Las Vegas, it was a great experience. We met a lot of great people from all around the world. Entrepreneurs and product ambassadors approached us and we made some great new friends.. We look forward to bringing the SweepEasy  brand  world wide.

Over the couple days we were there we got a lot of great feedback about our product. It’s been years since I developed the SweepEasy brand and brought it into the world spotlight via the Shark Tank show on ABC. Over the years it’s been a roller coaster ride of dealing with business partners, and finally coming full circle to have the opportunity to take my brand where I always imagined it should go.

The National Hardware Show is just the beginning

Fast forward from those early days in the tank, we’re ready for the world to see our product again for the first time. Our broom is a completely new product from the scraper on up, it’s what we like to call an ultra broom! We can’t go back to the future, but the SweepEasy broom brand can look forward and will create the legacy it always was meant to do.

Vegas is just the Start

We started in Vegas and we’re going to move on to other shows around the USA. Be sure to follow us on our social media channels and register to be on our mailing list, stay informed. It’s always an adventure and SweepEasy is looking towards the journey with our eyes wide open and our hands out. There’s no stopping us now!

SweepEasy Broom ReDefining the way we clean

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