The First Broom With a Retractable Scraper

Time For a Change

For years consumers have been asking for a change. They spoke loud and clear and told us how tired they were of getting down on their hands and knees to remove things like glue, gum, stickers, tape, food, and mystery gunk stuck to their floors. They’re also told us how tired they were of replacing cheap brooms that fell apart and broke. We heard the calls for change and went to work developing a new product. We spent hundreds of hours of research and development, listening to consumers and came back with an answer. The answer is the new and improved 2 in 1 SweepEasy with built in retractable scraper.

Extend the Scraper: Scrape, Sweep and Go

There is nothing easier than using a SweepEasy. Just press down on our patent pending button, activating the release system and extending the retractable scraper. Then scrap, sweep and go! It really easy that easy.

Clean Smart With SweepEasy

Our competition doesn’t even come close to comparing with the SweepEasy. With our patent pending retractable scraper, you can clean your house, apartment or business quicker and more efficiently than ever before. Stop spending your time searching the closets or drawers for lost scrapers. Just use the built in retractable scraper and get the job done quicker. Spend your time doing the things you want to be doing. Clean smart and quick. Use the 2 in 1 SweepEasy!

Purchase a SweepEasy Today

Don’t delay anymore! You don’t have to keep getting down on your hands and knees to clean food, stickers gum and gunk off the floor. Save your back and your knees. Just head over to our SweepEasy store and pickup one today. You can throw away all your old brooms and know that you’re in good hands. Remember, don’t just sweep…SweepEasy!

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