A Revolutionary Broom Product

Revolutionary Broom Invention

A First in Cleaning: A Broom Scraper Combination Product

How Did No One Think of This Before?

Every once and awhile, a product comes along that makes you stop and think, “How did no one this of this before! I should have come up with this idea!\” The SweepEasy has made me and others have this exact moment of thought. It seems like such an obvious idea, having a broom scraper combination product, but no one thought about it, until Shane Pannell came along. He had that eureka moment that we all hope to have one day, and turned it into a fantastic new product.

A Broom Scraper: Combining Two Great Ideas in One

For a long time scrapers have had their place and brooms have had their place. When you\’re sweeping the floor with your standard broom and come across something that needs to be scraped off the floor, you stop, search for a scraper, get on your hands and knees and scrape. Afterwards you put your scraper away and continue sweeping, having lost time and effort. But now there\’s an easier way. Just use the SweepEasy and extend the built-in retractable scraper to make quick work of the scraping part of your cleaning job and then keep sweeping away. As we say, just Sweep Scrape and Go! It really is that easy!

Save Time With This Great Broom Scraper Combination

No one wants to spend any more time cleaning than they need to. With the SweepEasy you can get your cleaning work done faster and more efficiently. This will leave you with more hours to spend doing the things you love doing. Who wouldn’t want to save time?

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