SweepEasy Super Broom We designed this broom to address major problems we found with regular brooms, including flimsy bristles,  cheap designs that break and rust, and a pure lack of multi-functionality. The SweepEasy broom will be the last broom you’ll ever need, with a solid quality design and a built in retractable scraper you’ll find […]

The SweepEasy Difference How Does the Competition Stack Up? It’s hard to compare the SweepEasy to other brooms because there isn’t really another broom on the market that can do the things that the SweepEasy can do. Other brooms may have similar handles, or bristles that are similar quality. But with our patent pending retractable […]

A Time for Change Brooms haven’t changed much over the years. A new type of bristle, maybe a new material for the handle, but fundamentally the one you’re using now is the same as the one your grandparents used. The same can’t be said for other cleaning products. We have self-cleaning ovens, dishwashers, fancy robot […]

A First in Cleaning: A Broom Scraper Combination Product How Did No One Think of This Before? Every once and awhile, a product comes along that makes you stop and think, “How did no one this of this before! I should have come up with this idea!” The SweepEasy has made me and others have […]

Inferior Cleaning Products Take Notice! The new SweepEasy Broom is back and better than ever! It is literally changing the way people clean around the world. Throw out your old brooms, they simply can’t compete. Toss out your old scrapers, you won’t be needing them anymore. Get ready for a cleaning revolution the likes of […]

SweepEasy: Shark Tank Success A lot of people have asked us about what happened after the Shark Tank Episode. As many of you already know, the old version of the SweepEasy was featured on CNBC’s The Shark Tank season 2, epsiode 5. You can see the episode here. Back then, the show was still on […]

One Dad’s Dilemma One day Shane Pannell was eating with his kids, and began to clean up. He grabbed his broom and swept the floor, clearing the various bits of dry food that the kids had dropped. But there was a problem.The kids had dropped some stuff on the floor that the broom couldn’t pick […]

Shark Tank Success: A Feeding Frenzy SweepEasy and Shane Pannell rose to national fame while appearing on an episode of CNBC’s The Shark Tank. You can read more about the Shark tank episode here. The Sharks were all very impressed with the SweepEasy broom and a “feeding frenzy” ensued. In the end, Shane agreed to […]

SweepEasy the way it was supposed to be After several years of failed business relationships and legal battles, Shane has finally re-released his trademarked SweepEasy brand retractable scraping broom. The first time around an inferior product was released to the public getting mixed reviews and some negative commentary. The problem? The scraper kept popping off, […]

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