Not another cheap broom

SweepEasy Broom Quality

Are You Tired of Cheap Products That Break?

How many brooms have you owned in your life? I know I\’ve had tons of them over the years. They never last. The bristles fall off, the plastic handle breaks, and it\’s off to the store to get a new one. If you\’re like me, you\’re tired of using cheap products that keep breaking and need to be replaced. Wouldn’t you like to buy one broom that you could use for many years to come? I know I would.

A Broom Designed With You In Mind

We developed the SweepEasy with you in mind. We understand how frustrating it is to use cleaning products made out of cheap materials. No one likes to replace their broom every year. Our goal was to create a product that we could be proud of and that we know will last a very long time. That product is the SweepEasy.

Hundred of Hours in Research and Development

The team that built the SweepEasy spent hundreds of hours designing and testing product prototypes with the goal of creating a multi function product made out of very high quality materials. In addition to being a great broom, the SweepEasy was also designed to function as a scraper. Gum stuck to the floor? No problem. Dried up food? No problem.

The Retractable Scraper Is So Easy to Use

The best part about the SweepEasy is how easy it is to use. Simply extend the retractable scraper, scrape, sweep and go. You will be shocked at just how easy it is. Don\’t waste your time and money on cheap alternatives. You will wonder how you could have ever cleaned without one. I know I will never clean with another broom again. Don\’t waste any more time, pickup your SweepEasy today!’

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