Shark Tank Success: A Feeding Frenzy

SweepEasy Shark Tank Success

Shark Tank Success

SweepEasy and Shane Pannell rose to national fame while appearing on an episode of CNBC’s The Shark Tank. You can read more about the Shark tank episode here. The Sharks were all very impressed with the SweepEasy broom and a “feeding frenzy” ensued. In the end, Shane agreed to partner with two of the sharks to continue development and to release the product to the mass market. We have previously written a more detailed article about the success Shane had on the show which can be found here.

Post Shark Tank: A Commitment to Product Development and Quality

After the Shark Tank, Shane decided to take his product and partner with another business associate. They released the first version of the SweepEasy Broom and had some great initial success selling it across the United States. However, Shane wasn’t truly happy with the initial version of the product. He felt that the quality of the materials wasn’t up to par with his high standards. After some time, Shane decided to split with his business partner and go back to the drawing board to develop a new version of the Sweep Easy that would meet his extremely high standards for quality.

Redesigning the SweepEasy Broom

Shane Pannell has always been a determined person and wasn’t about to give up. He partnered with Joshua Looney and they went back to the drawing board and spent hundreds of hours building a new broom with high quality materials that would be the last broom anyone would ever need. The result was the new Sweep Easy Broom with built in retractable scraper, which you can read more about on our previous blog post here. The new version is a cut above the old version and miles away from the competition. Shane is now working with large retail stores to bring the SweepEasy to a store near you. But you don’t have to wait, order now.

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