SweepEasy, the Smart Broom

SweepEasy Smart Broom

You Have a Smart Phone. Why Not a Smart Broom?

The new SweepEasy is made with smart technology. Old and outdated brooms use technology that was developed when people still rode around and horses and carriages. The AM and FM radio were still years away. Now we live in an age of technology, smart phones, smart TVs, but we\’re still using dumb brooms. That all changes with the new SweepEasy Broom.

Hundreds of Hours Went Into the Design of the SweepEasy

Smart technology takes time to develop. The SweepEasy team spent hundreds of hours developing the patent pending technology that is used in the retractable scraper(link). Our competitors haven\’t spent a single dollar improving their designs in hundreds of years. Not one dollar! How can they claim to compete? There really isn’t any competition. The only broom you\’ll ever need.

Work Smart, Not Hard

No one wants to spend any more time cleaning than they need to. The old saying, work smart, not hard applies to cleaning just like it applies to your job. You want to get your cleaning done in the shortest amount of time possible. The SweepEasy makes that all possible by making it easier to clean gum, stickers, dried up food and drinks that cover your floors (link). This saves you time and lets you clean smart with the SweepEasy.

Save Your Back

Thousands of people hurt their backs every year doing simple cleaning chores around the house. Why does this happen? It happens because they\’re using old cleaning technology that our ancestors developed. Think about that for a minute. You\’re using the same brooms that your grandparents used. Don\’t risk hurting your back with dumb old brooms. Join the thousands of people around the world that have saved their backs and their time. Pickup a new SweepEasy today!’, ‘Clean Smart With the New SweepEasy

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