We have 3 kids and this is an awesome idea.. I don’t know HOW MANY times I have had to get down and scrape stuff up. thank you for making our lives easier in this area!!!

Fabulous idea! I’ve always had the same problem with my 4 kids under 7. I’ve used my Pampered Chef “Scraper” many times on the floor , but now I won’t have to bend over and use a different tool anymore!! Thank you for coming up with such a well designed product.

Hi, I just saw your broom on shark tank. It’s genius man! I am a director at a day care and  I clean the building on the weekend! Your product would make our life’s so much easier! I look forward to ordering ASAP! I wish your family great success! Great Product I would go out and buy this tomorrow if it was in the stores. Please let me know when this product is available.